MN Sur Seine: Anthony Cox & Raymond Boni

What began as a yearly jazz festival celebrating the musical bond between Minneapolis and Paris has now grown into a sprawling 10-day affair of genre-bending music. This year's Minnesota sur Seine festival brings musicians from France, Britain, Spain, and Ethiopia to the Twin Cities to commingle and collaborate with local artists. Those curious about the festival have diverse options to choose from: Highlights from this year's sur Seine include a night of "old and new world roots" at the Cedar with Roma di Luna and Celtic jazz group the Jacky Molard Quartet; a hip hop night at the Triple Rock with underground French rap group La Rumeur and French-American jazz quartet Ursus Minor; and a "night in Ethiopia" at the Fine Line with masterful Zarb player Mahmoud Ahmed. For more info call 651.292.9746 or visit for a complete schedule.
Thu., May 15, 8 p.m., 2008
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