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And speaking of bondage...

Another kinkster is dead after being tied up and left alone. James Bargy, 29, died after his wife, Rebecca Bargy, tied him up and left him alone for 20 hours. Mr. and Mrs. Bargy reportedly played this game before; she was spending the night at a hotel with another man, and their cuckolding routine involved her leaving him bound and him wiggling out of the bondage. Not this time: Mr. Bargy—a ball gag in his mouth and most of his head wrapped in duct tape—asphyxiated before his wife returned. Mr. Bargy remains deceased as of this writing and Mrs. Bargy is facing prison time.

Once again, dear readers, a tied-up person should never be left alone. If being tied up and left alone or tying someone up and leaving them alone is an important part of your thrill, the tied-up person should not be in a stressful position, nothing should restrict his or her breathing (no fucking gags or duct tape), and someone should be well within earshot at all times.

And speaking of bondage...

BDSM porn colossus is launching an all-male bondage website—finally—and it's hired occasional Savage Love guest expert Van Darkholme to head it up. Van is the director and star of the Bondo Gods series, the author and photographer of the book Male Bondage, a shibari expert, and a thoroughly nice guy. "We are looking for experienced performers and also newbies," says Van, in order to get the new site off the ground. So if you're gay and/or bi, wanna get tied up and erotically abused under the direction of a scorching-hot pro (you can check out Van at his personal website, make some money, and then get jerked off over by thousands of happy paying customers, you're invited to apply today at

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