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A dishwasher accuses her bosses of being dirty creeps

Reveille fans need not worry: The site will continue under the direction of Myers's co-founders. As for her plans for the City Pages music section, Myers promises stepped-up coverage of local bands, shows, and music news.

"Now's the time for City Pages to reclaim the spotlight for local music coverage," Myers says. "I am excited to provide a passionate voice for the paper and give readers a chance to learn about the great music being made in our backyards."

You can also expect to see frequent blog posts providing updates between print editions. Myers says she usually goes to at least four shows a week and enjoys providing reviews within hours of leaving a concert.

She's Michael Vick's worst nightmare
She's Michael Vick's worst nightmare

"I can't wait to start my new position at City Pages," Myers says. "I think this will be a great opportunity to show my love of the local scene and use the resources at the paper to further investigate and report on local music trends."

City Pages is excited to welcome Myers aboard.

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