Did James Earl Ray act alone?

A Minneapolis author helps raise new questions about the King assassination

Lyndon Barsten asked for and received from his literary agent the sum of $1,000 for his work on Truth At Last. "I just wanted that for expenses, even though I figure I've spent $40,000 over the past few years," says Barsten. "But it doesn't matter. This has been my life for the past 15 years, and I need to move on. My wife hates this. She says it's never-ending."

For his efforts, John Larry Ray received $8,500, which, for a man who gets by on monthly Social Security disability checks, represents his life savings.

James Earl Ray
courtesy of John Larry Ray
James Earl Ray
John Ray claims his brother didn't act alone
Jennifer Silverberg
John Ray claims his brother didn't act alone

Of the money, Ray says, "I think I'll probably use it for my tombstone."

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