Eclectone Records Fifth Anniversary Party

Minneapolis has its own Little Engine That Could in Eclectone Records. Singer-songwriter Martin Devaney's baby touts itself as a co-op and a sort of "anti-record-label record label." Its roster is fairly diverse, but the acts share the same basic goals and ideals: good songs, sharp lyrics, and a general distaste for both the flavor-of-the-month mentality and the corporate machine. What easily could have been operated as a sort of pet project is now a small powerhouse celebrating its five-year anniversary with a roster showcase featuring, among others, the somber, socially conscious alt-country of Dan Israel, explosive Bowie apostles Little Man, country-infected indie rockers Big Ditch Road, local writer Jim Walsh's alter ego the Mad Ripple, and Devaney's brand-spanking new band, the GBV-influenced Crossing Guards.
Fri., Feb. 29, 8 p.m., 2008

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