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Some will want to believe all that about Ms. Crone and WLBT because that would prove that Ms. Crone and everyone else at WLBT are hypocrites for going on the teevee and playing to the prejudices of small-minded, sex-negative assholes while at the same time making folks who do use sex toys—or sell them, or work in places that do—feel ashamed of themselves.

But I don't like to think ill of people. I'm certain Ms. Crone and the whole gang at WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi, sincerely believe that sex toys are a threat to the health, safety, and morals of the general public. As that's the case, I'm certain Ms. Crone would only be too delighted to receive your boyfriend's old sex toys in the mail, WTBOB, and used sex toys belonging to other Savage Love readers. Ms. Crone would, no doubt, take great satisfaction in personally disposing of all the dangerous three-dimensional devices she could get her hands on. So ship those old sex toys to: Kandiss Crone, c/o WLBT 3 News, 715 South Jefferson Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201. Don't have a sex toy to dispose of? E-mail Kandiss at and let her know what a great job she's doing for the community.

Where's the web extra you promised in your January 10 column? I'm dying to find out more about tranny scrotums, female pastors, selective semen allergies, clit Tabasco, lesbian tongue size, and gay boobs!


Oh, it's coming. And so is that web extra I promised of definitions of virginity. And so are those Huckabee definitions.

The problem is...there are so many of you, dear readers, and so few of me. And the response is utterly overwhelming when I invite you to weigh in on something. But I promise to slog through the 5,000+ e-mails I got about tranny sacks, lady priests, and gay boobs by next week.

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