The Real Brock Lesnar

"The Next Big Thing" looks to live up to his WWE moniker in the UFC

Not wanting to have his leg broken, a frustrated Lesnar taps out. The fight is over.

As the frenzied crowd shouts for Mir, the camera cuts to an exasperated Lesnar, his hands on his knees. He looks stunned. Two years of training for a fight that lasts but one minute and 28 seconds.

Before he can catch his breath, he's standing in the middle of the Octagon with announcer Joe Rogan.

"No excuses," Lesnar says for the entire crowd to hear. "He's a top-notch Jiu-Jitsu fighter. He got me tonight. He's a better fighter."

"Is this the last we've seen of Brock Lesnar?" Rogan asks.

"Absolutely not," Lesnar says. "You win some, you lose some. I'd like to win 'em all, but you can't."

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