The Year in Music 2007

Over on the West Bank, the brick facade on the corner of the 400 Bar partially crumbles off. The damage is superficial, and the club is evacuated. KARE 11 reports that one person was hit by a falling brick but had only minor injuries. The building is still structurally sound, and the repairs could be a positive step for the venue, which tends toward a waterlogged squishiness during rainstorms.


Benefit concerts for the victims of the 35W bridge collapse give emotional and financial support to the survivors. Events include the hip-hop gig "A Time to Build" at the Entry, a first-(venue)-responder August fundraiser at the Fine Line, and a late-September blowout at First Ave. The scene particularly rallies around one of its own—Mercedes Gorden, a severely injured dancer whose fiancé is longtime Transmission DJ Jake Rudh. Tapes 'n Tapes headline her relief concert as she becomes a public voice for the worried wounded and their families-turned-caregivers.


The Recording Industry Association of America wins its first file-sharing jury trial, in Duluth. Brainerd resident Jammie Thomas is found liable for copyright violation after making songs available for download on the website Kazaa. Thomas, who maintained that she was not actually a Kazaa user, was ordered to pay $9,250 for each of the 24 songs named in the case. The RIAA has filed tens of thousands of lawsuits against illegal downloaders in the past four years, and this victory seems to ensure that defendants in such suits will continue to accept settlement offers.

Nick Vlcek


Also see our Rock Atlas, a two-page visual spread of hot spots from the local scene's past, present and future.

The Foo Fighters perform on Saturday Night Live, and onstage with them is none other than the Twin Cities' own Jessy Greene. The violinist (and proud Gasthof's waitress), who performs with acts ranging from Dessa to the Jayhawks to Romantica, spent the latter half of 2007 touring with Dave Grohl's rock band.


Longtime Cities 97 radio DJ Jason Nagal is fired by Clear Channel higher-ups. His Sunday-night show, Minnesota Music, had given local acts a shot at airplay on the alt-rock station. Earlier in the year, hometown bands had lost another place on the airwaves when Sunday evening's Homegrown with David Campbell got canned in the Drive 105-to-Love 105 transition. So who's hanging in there? Over at the Current, Chris Roberts's (what else?) Local Show is still going strong on (when else?) Sunday nights. When Roberts went abroad for three months this fall, Campbell even got a crack at hosting the broadcast.


Andrew Broder's band Fog draws a review on Pitchfork for its latest album, Ditherer. Other local bands who got national exposure this year include Cloud Cult, for their Meaning of 8 release, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie for The Patron, Low for Drums and Guns, Romantica for America, Brother Ali for The Undisputed Truth, and the ever-popular Motion City Soundtrack.

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