Eyedea and Abilities

A duo with more local clout than Maher and Mourneau, E & A have been holding the Minneapolis underground scene down for damn near a decade, as a sort of pleasant doppelganger to the whole Atmosphere phenomenon. Although usually not as compelling either on the mic or behind the boards as their Rhymesayers counterparts, both Eyedea and Abilities make up for it with technical wizardry and genuine talent. Peep Eyedea's supreme battle skills or his ridiculous versatility (he's recently fronted both jazz and rock groups), or Abilities's numerous side projects involving everything from impressive production to battling on the wheels of steel, and you begin to get the picture. After rumors of a breakup, the two triumphantly returned for this fall's Celebration of Hip Hop, and are now in the midst of a nationwide tour, presumably to promote a 2008 follow-up to 2004's superior E&A. Take them for granted no longer. With Sector 7G and Abzorbr. 18+.
Thu., Dec. 20, 9 p.m., 2007
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