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Northfield foursome release the hounds--and an impressionistic, kinetic debut album

"We did a weeklong tour this past summer," says Nienaber, "but it was really haphazard. We put it together a few weeks before we went out, because I was on Craigslist and I saw this ad—a woman wanted someone to drive her two Siberian huskies from Minneapolis to San Diego and she was going to pay for the trip and pay $400, and I was like, 'We could tour with that much money.'"

"Well, then one of the huskies died—got hit by a car—the day before we left, so we only had one to bring, and if there had been two, we wouldn't have been able to fit all of our equipment in the car."

I'm already incredulous when Moltaji interjects, "Yeah, she had one leg, too."

Cutting class with Gospel Gossip
Tony Nelson
Cutting class with Gospel Gossip

A one-legged dog? "No, no, no—the woman had one leg," he clarifies.

But what a tour.

"We all connected with the dog," Moltaji continues. "Her name was Luna. We were driving one day and [Justin] took his shirt off and he was all sweaty and he was like, 'You know, huskies love it,' so it was just him naked in the back with the dog. I miss the dog."

GOSPEL GOSSIP perform a CD-release show with MC/VL, Dragons Power Up!, and Maps of Norway on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, at the 7TH ST. ENTRY; 612.332.1775

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