Judith G Levy: Girls Brigade

For the next month and a half, the SooVAC has gone undeniably whimsical, colorful, and girly (an exclamation point on the girl). Miami-based art collective Friends with You pump up the whimsy, literally, with inflatable art reminiscent of Hello Kitty in the midst of an LSD bender. Friends with You believes that all people are capable of magic—its website congratulates visitors for unleashing their fantastical potential—and the strange, bright, and bold paintings and drawings amongst the giant inflated objects add to the interactive/playground-feel of the show. In the Toomer Gallery, Judith G. Levy's works feature a series of children who together form the Girls Brigade. They all don a curious white object that covers their bodies from head to high-calf. It's up to the viewer to consider what associations these coverings evoke—giant condoms, Klan wear, even Casper the Friendly Ghost. Regardless of how you interpret the brigade's uniform, the images are both playful and unsettling at the same time. Friday's opening reception celebrates both shows from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sept. 28-Oct. 27, 2007
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