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Do your readers want the rest of the story? I'm sure they do. The boy is not quite half my age: He's 21, I'm 38. He worked at a Starbucks in my office building. He noticed me noticing him, we flirted a bit, and then one night I ran into him in a bar. We ditched our respective friends, and slipped out to get a drink together.

At the next bar, he asked me if I was married. I told him I was recently divorced, having waited way too long to DTMFA. I asked him if he wanted to fool around. He said yes (actually he said "fuck, yeah!"), but our age difference was an issue for him. I promised to obey the "campsite rule," i.e., I would leave him in better shape than I found him (no broken hearts, no diseases, no unwanted babies). That's when he told me that he was submissive and into bondage and S&M. He offered to fulfill any fantasies I might have, telling me he was GGG. It was then that we realized we had been speaking entirely in Savage Love code.

He's been reading your column since he was 15, and says you're the reason he can be so open about his kinks. I've been reading you since I was 29, and you're the reason I wasn't shocked by his kinks. We had oodles of fun this summer—which included, yes, me keeping him tied up in my bedroom while other people were in my apartment. And we have you to thank, Dan!

Budding Fem Dom

P.S. Provided neither of us is seriously dating anyone by then, we're planning on getting together around Christmas. And no more leaving him tied up alone, I promise! And the woman who "accidentally" found him while looking for the bathroom? She had to walk past two bathrooms before she got to the one nearest my bedroom. She was snooping!

You're welcome, BFD, and thanks for sharing.

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