The Farm That Doesnít Exist

Critics say Target undercuts organic growers by pretending to be one of them

Those discounts may come at a price. Earlier this year, just months after the launch of the Archer Farms line, Target recalled the company's prepackaged four-cheese risotto after the FDA detected salmonella contamination, an increasingly familiar menace to industrial food producers.

A spokesperson for Target says the corporation maintains a network of suppliers to ensure flexibility when quality is compromised. A request for a list of those suppliers was denied on the grounds that such information "provides us a critical advantage in the marketplace."

These issues concern Hoag. Still, she argues that the opportunity her market provides for small farmers may not be sustainable without a sponsor like Target.

Craig Lassig
At the Mill City Market, Targetís signature red bullís-eye is drawing complaints from some local farmers

"We have a lot of wonderful dreams for this market, and we needed a Target," she says. "All of us had that same dream: a clean, organic place where people could come and have some sense of community. And we get up on that microphone every single Saturday and give our spiel: Support your local organic farmer."

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Funny thing about Target. With so many folks on food stamps why is it that Archer Farms products cannot be purchased with SNAP (previously EBT). Target will only sell its lower end "unhealthier" food to those requiring SNAP to eat. What is so special about Archer Farms that those struggling and needing temporary or permanent assistance are not able to purchase their food products. This is definitely a matter to be looked into. I will do my best to inform the public about this gross perversion of an already shady system.


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