Go out to the Entry and bat your lashes at Natasha Khan
Courtesy of Bat for Lashes
Go out to the Entry and bat your lashes at Natasha Khan

Paid Dues Independent Hip Hop Festival
First Avenue
Yeah, it makes sense for indie rap to have a sizeable touring festival just like any other under-the-radar genre, but it's surprising just how star-studded this iteration of the Paid Dues Tour is—it's like a one-stop shop for self-deprecating battle rhymes and intriguingly distended flows. Rhode Island's Sage Francis and Detroit's Cage represent the introspective don't-call-it-emo camp of mildly sociopathic stress-rappers, Blueprint satisfies the throwback classicists, Mr. Lif is the resident political agitator, Living Legends are the ultra-colossus super-crew, and Brother Ali is the triumphant local hero. And even if you actually take Slug for granted, there's no excuse to miss him performing with L.A. heavyweight Murs as Felt, the crew that makes for the best smart-mouth sex raps in all of alt-rap. 18+. $35. 4:00 pm. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.332.1775. —Nate Patrin

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