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Am I selfish to want outside fun, just like him?

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I've been reading your column since my early teens. I am now 21, in my first serious relationship, and thanking my lucky stars every day that your column was in the paper every week when I was growing up. My teenage brain soaked up everything you wrote. Your liberal views on everything from same-sex marriage to a person's god-given right to pee on himself if he wants to, set an example that the crusty old lady teaching sex ed in high school failed to.

My relationship with my boyfriend is perfect and our sex life is, too. Thanks to you, I understand that sex needs to be TALKED about. I'm aware of my own fetishes and kinks, and I'm confident sharing them. Most importantly, you helped me see the value of being in a committed, loving, accepting union.

I read my boyfriend your column every week.

Savage Disciple

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I had to write about the couple who incorporated lactation into their BDSM relationship. As a breastfeeding mother, all I could think reading MADMILK's letter was, "What are they doing with all the milk?" If they have a surplus, and they must, I hope they're donating it to a milk bank and not just throwing it away. It takes A LOT of work to establish and sustain a milk supply and donated milk goes to the very sickest babies. If they Google "milk banks" they'll find lots of useful information.

Mom Open Mind

Savage Love: People helping perverts help babies. Next!

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