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I'm a dom and she's a switch in our part-time BDSM relationship. So our ABR not only includes loving moments of me nursing at her breasts, but also me "forcing" her to lactate via a specialized spanking bench I constructed with attached breast pumps. (I'm the evil doctor when I strap her into this vile contraption.) ABR is ideal for medical-fetish scenes, animalization play, or adult-baby scenarios. But an ABR is a serious undertaking. Once the milk comes in, you have to avoid engorgement. There's no, "I'm mad at you, so I'm not going to nurse tonight." An ABR is a big commitment.

Madison Active Dom Madly Into Lactation Knowledge

Thanks for sharing, MADMILK—and thanks for the mental images that only a month's worth of heavy drinking will be able to erase. And speaking of kink...

When a reader recently asked for some bondage tips, I wrote back and told him I'd send a how-to book about bondage—on the condition that he try out the tips and send in a review. Here's his review of Chanta Rose's Bondage for Sex:

"After belting my new significant other to a radiator, my interest in some light bondage was piqued. Being novices, I wanted nothing too risky for fear of scaring off my playmate, yet nothing too lame either, i.e., no feathered handcuffs. Enter Chanta Rose. Bondage for Sex is for anyone who wants to amp up the bedroom voltage. Covering everything from rope to anchorage, this easy-to-follow guide is great for the unsure and those who need no convincing. Rose uses nonthreatening photos and language to help the average het or homo master those tricky harnesses and crab ties.

"I loved the book. It's wonderful for its useful tips, not to mention its glossy, easy-to-clean pages."

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