Maria Isa (CD-release)
Expect more club beats and less folk percussion from the sprawling hip-hop debut of City Pages cover girl Maria Isa (see "Reggaeton Animal," 11/22/06), whose live show has gained a rep for incorporating traditional Puerto Rican dance into a righteous R&B-rap stew. At her relaxed best, Isa is downright playful in her call-and-response interactions with musicians (including members of Leroy Smokes) and DJs, finding and seizing new genre possibilities in every song. I wish she'd flash more of her natural sweetness on M.I. Split Personalities (Emetrece), but hip hop needs more angry young women, and she's got much to be simmering about. With Leroy Smokes, TC and Rollin Blunts, Bakers Dozen Band, DJ Wrek, Los Nativos, Raices, and Kotou Danse. 18+. 10:00 p.m. 107 Third Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.465.0440. —Peter S. Scholtes


Bubblegum b-girl: One of Maria Isa's split personalities
Courtesy of Maria Isa
Bubblegum b-girl: One of Maria Isa's split personalities

Dinosaur Jr.
Triple Rock Social Club
The original lineup of Dinosaur Jr. likely titled Beyond, their first album together in nearly 20 years, as a nod to personal differences overcome for the sake of trio-powered electricity and reunion-gig paydays. Reverting to the quasi-deco logo of the band's early SST releases, Beyond almost literally picks up where witch-haired, distortion maestro J Mascis left off in '88. But Mascis hasn't exactly devolved from the exceedingly expansive, bong-water-dappled arrangements he pursued as Dinosaur Jr. into the mid-'90s. He's just galvanized by the return of Lou Barlow's jagged thickets of gnarly bass and the muscular drum-kit rollick of Murph. The three resume that singular whirl (blisteringly loud, it should be noted, so spring for earplugs) where classic-rock heroism is tattered and sandblasted, its crumbled chunks dolloped at the sloppy speed of punk and laced with the white-hot scrawl of Mascis's sunburst solos and his barely audible mellifluous croak. 18+ Tuesday; 21+ Wednesday. $25. 9:00 p.m. 629 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.333.7399. Also Wednesday, May 30 —Bernardo Rondeau

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