Catwalk Confessional, p.V: I want to look like Jackie O's Crazy Cousin

How do you work as a designer without going broke? Take a job at Target.

Whatever happens, I'll be posting about it on the City Pages website until the last minute. And unless I fall off the catwalk—and then walk straight out of the country in shame—I'll post some more pictures after Voltage is over.

In the meanwhile, there's not much for me to do now except wait and worry—and pray to the Acne Gods who reward our virtue by giving us clear skin. Actually, that's not quite true. There is one decision about the show that I've been putting off myself—a painful concession I'll have to make to become a model.

Cory Newbiggin

And so to George Moskal, Anne Selden, and Troubador, I make this pledge: On the Tuesday night before Voltage, for the first time in five years, I'll break out a razor and shave my legs.

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