Prairie Homophobic Companion

Garrison Keillor pulls an Ann Coulter in his latest homespun column

Still, Streff acknowledges, the decapitation of the St. Paul dog does exhibit a disturbing level of resolve by the offender.

"When you start chopping and cutting, you're up close and personal. You have to find a tool. You have to handle the dog. You have to get rid of the other body parts. Then you've got a blood trail and other evidence to deal with," Streff says. "It's a big project." —Mike Mosedale

DIY Bags

Starting this month, IKEA will be charging a nickel for every plastic bag customers use to transport their rugs, lamps, and plastic trash bins to their SUVs.

Garrison Keillor:  Enemy of flamboyance
Brian Velenchenko
Garrison Keillor: Enemy of flamboyance

Will your nickel really make a difference? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans toss about 100 billion polyethylene plastic bags a year, and less than 1 percent are recycled.

"We realize that our 'Bag the Plastic Bag Program' is a small step," says Pernille Spiers-Lopez, president of IKEA North America. "But we know our customers want to help and support the sustainability of our planet—for today, and for the future of our children."

Of course, it's also a chance for customers to try IKEA's highly pimped-out reusable blue bag—a steal at just 59 cents. It's what all the environmentally conscious fashionistas are wearing this year. —Jessica Armbruster

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