The Blue in the Red

Can the Minneapolis Police Department plunder the city's pocketbook?

After the MPD's February 5 revelations of more extensive budget woes, the Ways and Means Committee voted to require monthly reports from any city department that is over budget. (Last year, that included public works in water and transportation/field services, the fire department, and the city clerk's office. All but the water agency were within $100,000 of budget and water was within $1 million.) The MPD had been expected to present a comprehensive remedy to its budget woes on February 20, but after meetings with the mayor, some council members, and members of the city's Finance Department, that full reckoning will be postponed a little further.

"I am satisfied that the council now understands the position we are in, and that we are all on the same page," Dolan says.

City Pages

For now, at least, the ink on that page is still looking red.

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