Room at the Inn

Why does a housing program for the chronically homeless have trouble using up its vouchers?

Tracy Berglund, the director of housing services for Catholic Charities (which administers the rental subsidies for the Homeless ACT team), acknowledges it's been slow going. In part, she says, that's because the ACT team's clients are among the most difficult in the system. And, she notes, it's a relatively new program. Whatever the causes, Berglund says she expects all the vouchers will be used up by the end of the calendar year.

Home at last: Sylvester Hudson in his new apartment
Mike Mosedale
Home at last: Sylvester Hudson in his new apartment

For Sylvester Hudson, at least, those sorts of bureaucratic concerns are a thing of the past. Now that he has his own place, he says, he's been making progress on some of his other troubles. He is especially grateful to People, Incorporated, which lined up the furnishings for his apartment, helped with his doctor appointments and prescriptions, and assisted in his effort to get greater benefits from the military. He says he's doing better now than in a long time and he's sure he knows one reason why: He can finally get a decent night's sleep. "I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a real bed," he says.

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