Savage Love

I recently met the straight cousin of a good friend. On the night of our first meeting, I ended up rimming, blowing, and getting fucked by him. And he blew me—badly. Since then, I've given him another blowjob. That night he slept with his arms around me and he repeatedly muttered to me—drunkenly—that he loves me!

I have since gone out with the friend and the cousin several times to straight bars and have watched the cousin pick up girls, which is fine. I am not in the market for a fucked-up only-straight-when-sober boyfriend.

But I do want to have sex with him.

So here are the stupid questions: Is he straight? Is he gay? Is he bi? Why does he only want to fuck me when he's drunk? Now he wants to go on vacation with me and I don't know if I want to keep messing around with this "straight" hottie, even if he does have a beautiful, big, juicy cock. It's not like I can see marrying him. What is a confused gay guy to do?

Straight Cousin Unlikely Marry

Keep jumping on that beautiful, big, juicy cock, of course.

We advice professionals are never supposed to advise people—at least in print—to jump on a beautiful, big, juicy cock unless there's a chance they'll ride that cock all the way to the altar. Did Ann Landers—at whose desk I am delighted to be typing the phrase "beautiful, big, juicy cock"—advise a single reader to jump on a beautiful, big, juicy cock once in the 16 decades she was writing her column? Did Abigail Van Buren? Has Billy Graham? No, no, and I'm guessing not. (I don't read Graham's syndicated advice column religiously, so I can't rule out the possibility.)

It's not just that my advice-giving colleagues disapprove of premarital and/or no-possibility-of-marital sex. The whole culture has a problem with it. We all believe that sex should have some noble purpose—in theory, at least. The possibility of marriage is just the easiest and most obvious. But sex can have a noble purpose even when marriage is out of the question.

Needless to say, an Ann Landers or a Billy Graham can't see the noble purpose in a fag jumping on the beautiful, big, juicy cock of a drunken straight boy. I, however, can: One day BBJC is going to have to reconcile the person he is—and the people he fucks—when he's drunk with the person he is when he's sober. Every night he spends with you, SCUM, brings that day of reckoning eight or nine inches closer. So take the straight boy and his beautiful, big, juicy cock on vacation for his sake, SCUM, if not your own.

And finally, an answer to the stupidest question: gay, straight, bi? My money's on gay. Yes, there are a handful of straight men out there who will, when impaired or imprisoned, make do with a little man ass. And, yes, booze can bring out the inept cocksucker in many a bisexual dude. But a "straight" guy who makes drunken declarations of same-sex love is 110 percent faggot.

I am a 48-year-old gay man and have been in a committed and monogamous relationship with a wonderful man for 20 years. I am not sure how often people together this long have sex, but for us it is about once every three or four weeks. This is plenty for me, but my husband's libido seems to be getting much stronger than mine. About two years ago, he asked that we add "adventure" to our sex life. He has bought dildos, vibrators, and leather garb and wants me to use them. He wants me to call him fuckhole or slaveboy when we are intimate, and he wants to try nude vacations and three-ways. I should add that my husband is coming up on 40 and is quite the hottie. I, on the other hand, have not aged as gracefully. We also have small children and I don't think it is appropriate to have these things in the house. Last week, he asked me to take him to a resort he found online for his 40th where I can fuck him in front of other men. Is this a normal gay midlife/about-to-turn-40 crisis?

Slaveboy's Husband Has Hesitations

No, it's not, SHHH, but is that relevant? Because like it or not, this is the midlife crisis that your husband is having—not that I would normally characterize a strong libido as a crisis. To me it sounds like someone who settled down at 19 and wants to live a little while he's still limber enough to really enjoy it.

And I'm sorry, SHHH, but it's your duty to indulge the little fuckhole. When two people marry, they're not only making a solemn vow to be there in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, but also to be complete and total whores for each other. It would save countless marriages—and cut my mail in half—if this was made explicit in standard marriage vows. Perhaps the American Family Association could get on this.

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