Mn SAT Answers and Winners

The two territorial plots that would eventually become Minnesota were acquired by the United States through which two events:
a. The Missouri Compromise and the Louisiana Purchase
b. The Gadsden Purchase and the Louisiana Purchase
c. The Second Treaty of Paris and the Louisiana Purchase *
d. Wrestlemania VIII and a grant from the McKnight Foundation

Where did St. Paul's Cretin Avenue get its name?
a. The explorer Ferdinand Cretin
b. This dopey guy who used to live there
c. The French word for "Christian" *
d. The Croatian word for "river"

The Jeffers Petroglyphs in southwestern Minnesota feature carvings by American Indians dating as far back as 5,000 years. What type of stone was used?
a. granite
b. quartzite *
c. limestone
d. sandstone

Which well-known Minnesota fishing lake was the site of the last armed conflict between Native Americans and the U.S. Military?
a. Mille Lacs
b. Leech Lake *
c. Lake Calhoun
d. Red Lake

What event ignited that conflict?
a. an effort to force a Native American to testify at a bootlegger's trial in Duluth *
b. a dispute over property lost as a consequence of the federal government's allotment policies
c. resentment over a smallpox outbreak caused by tainted blankets supplied by the U.S. government
d. anger over the arrest of a Native American on poaching charges

The muskie's full name, muskellunge, comes from the Ojibwe word maashkinoozhe, meaning:
a. striped pike
b. lake warrior
c. ugly pike *
d. great with lemon and butter

According to folklore, what was the "Ojibwe blackjack" with which Nanabushu struck Paul Bunyan?
a. diamond willow stick
b. smoked whitefish *
c. smoked northern pike
d. petrified bull snake

What was the name given to Babe the Blue Ox's mate?
a. Betty the Blue Ox
b. Bessie the Yaller Cow *
c. Gertie the Green Guernsey
d. Babe never, ever had a girlfriend

"Paul Bunyan has become an old folkloric character in the American psyche. It is said that he and his blue ox, Babe, were so large their footsteps created Minnesota's ten thousand lakes. Babe measured 42 axe handles and a plug of chewing tobacco between his horns. He was found during the winter of the blue snow; his mate was Bessie, the Yaller Cow."—Nodeworks Encyclopedia

The 1960s folk singer Tiny Tim ("Tip-toe Through the Tulips") was buried in Lakewood Cemetery with his ukulele, six tulips, and what?
a. his only Grammy
b. an autographed picture of Ethel Merman
c. a stuffed rabbit *
d. a lock of Judy Garland's hair

From Weird Minnesota by Eric Dregni, p. 241

Which saint is buried in the reliquary chapel of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville?
a. St. Peregrine *
b. St. Ulrich of Augsburg
c. St. Dismas
d. St. Hubertus

"The bodily remains of Saints Aurelian and Peregrine were the priceless possession of Abbot Kilian Kneuer, OSB, who returned with them from Rome to his monastery at Neustadt-am-Main, Germany, in the year 1731. The Blessed Sacrament and these relics were the only objects heroic hands could save when a disastrous fire demolished the church in 1854. While on a visit to Bavaria, his homeland, in 1895, Father Gerard Spielmann, OSB, a monk of Saint John's Abbey, petitioned the Prince of Loewenstein-Wertheim for the relics of St. Peregrine. (Title to the Benedictine abbey at Neustadt, together with all its possessions, including the sacred relics, had been conceded to the Loewenstein family as reimbursement for losses on the Rhine during the Napoleonic wars.) Prince Karl-Heinz, the brother and father of Benedictine nuns, granted the request."—

Which one of the following serial killers is not from Wisconsin?
a. Ed Gein
b. Jeffrey Dahmer
c. Aileen Wuornos
d. Henry Lee Lucas *


With an impressive 87 correct answers, Chris Wang and Greg Lundquist are our valedictorians. In the tie-breaker drawing, Chris received the first place prize of a trio of gift cards to Twin Cities restaurants Bellanotte, Naar Grille, and Amore Victoria (total value over $300). Greg received our second place prize of two tickets to see the Minnesota Wild battle the Calgary Flames on January 26, 2007. Molly E. Hermes, our third place finisher with 83 correct answers, will receive Eric Dregni's book, Weird Minnesota for her efforts.

Thanks to Bellanotte, Naar Grille, Amore Victoria, the Minnesota Wild, Eric Dregni and Sterling Press for Weird Minnesota, Dave Kenney, and Brienna Schuette from the Minnesota State Fair

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