Mn SAT Answers and Winners


Special thanks to the 130+ overachievers who revved your search engines and racked your brains taking part in the Mn SAT. This one proved to be a tough one for most of you, with scores that wouldn't get you into spring semester at even the most lenient diploma mills. A few Gopher state scholars, however, had over 80 correct answers out of a possible 92, and three of their names can be found in the winner's circle at the bottom of this page.

Match the celebrity with the addiction that prompted him to enter the Hazelden treatment center in Center City:
1. cocaine - d. Aaron Sorkin
2. alcohol - b. Eric Clapton
3. prescription painkillers - a. Matthew Perry
4. crystal meth - c. Rufus Wainwright

Who was the grand marshal of the first Aquatennial Torchlight Parade held in 1940?
a. Gene Autry *
b. Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.
c. Judy Garland
d. Henry Fonda

"...the citizens of Minneapolis decided, in 1940, to have a party to celebrate water. In that year, and every summer since, Minneapolitans have celebrated the Aquatennial. Highlighted by an evening Torchlight Parade, the Aquatennial also features a milk carton boat race, outdoor concerts, and about 30 other events. For the first Aquatennial, Gene Autry, 'the Singing Cowboy,' was special guest and grand marshal of the parade. Other famous people who have served as grand marshal over the years include Richard Nixon, who at the time (1958) was the nation's vice president."—Minnesota Historical Society

What Twin Cities mayor was publicly lauded for his good sense after police discovered him sleeping off a bender on a major local thoroughfare?
a. Hubert H. Humphrey
b. George A. Vavoulis
c. George Latimer *
d. Norm Coleman

Name the Minnesota media celebrity who said, "I've found an invisible companion to walk with me through the hard times. God."
a. Diana Pierce
b. Tom Barnard
c. Kim Jeffries
d. Jim Klobuchar *

Which was not a scheduled event during the 31st Annual Judy Garland Festival held in Grand Rapids in May 2006?
a. Andy Hardy Talent Show and Dance *
b. screening of The Wizard of Oz
c. children's lunch with the Munchkins
d. Dangers of Prescription Drugs seminar

In a 1946 magazine article, Nation editor Carey McWilliams called Minneapolis the most     city in America.
a. progressive
b. underpopulated
c. anti-Semitic *
d. economically vibrant

What do the first two letters in WCCO stand for?
a. Western Communication
b. Washburn Crosby *
c. Wexler Cohen
d. Webb Cowley

Which genre of music did early WCCO executives promise to eliminate, describing it as "a riot of noise, in which the melody is so trivial as to be practically not there at all, and in which the dissonances are the result of nothing more than the desire to make a racket?"
a. polka
b. rock 'n' roll
c. jazz *
d. ska

From Twin Cities Album by Dave Kenney, p. 149

Who headlined the first concert at the Depot, precursor to First Avenue, on April 30, 1970?
a. Willie Murphy
b. Joe Cocker *
c. Koerner, Ray & Glover
d. Fairport Convention

Legend has it, "Mr. Jimmy" Hutmaker of Hector, Minnesota, met Mick Jagger in 1964 at Bacon Drug after the Rolling Stones performed at the Excelsior Amusement Park. What pearls of wisdom were uttered by Mr. Hutmaker that supposedly inspired Mr. Jagger?
a. "Get off my cloud"
b. "I'm just waitin' on a friend"
c. "You can't always get what you want" *
d. "Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?"

Which record label never released an album by Hüsker Dü?
a. Warner Brothers
b. SST
c. Reflex
d. Twin/Tone *

Which rock 'n' roller lived for a time at 1925 Colfax Ave. S., directly behind the Lowry Hill Liquor Store?
a. Paul Westerberg
b. Courtney Love *
c. Curtiss A
d. Chris Osgood

At which Minneapolis watering hole can daytime tipplers meet the bartender mom of a current member of Guns N' Roses?
a. Yukon Club
b. Uptown Bar *
c. C.C. Club
d. Poodle Club

Anita Stinson Kurth, the mother of Tommy Stinson

KSTP radio host Tom Mischke once pretended to be a black weatherman with what name?
a. Alan Hail Jr.
b. Blow Zephyr *
c. Windy Fields
d. Stormy Greenier

What was the name of the crusading Minneapolis newspaper editor who was shot dead in 1935?
a. Leonard Johnson
b. Walter Liggett *
c. Carl Laemmle
d. Randall Scarsgaard

What band appeared on the cover of the first issue of Sweet Potato, the paper that later became City Pages, in 1979?
a. The Replacements
b. The Suicide Commandos
c. The Cars *
d. The Suburbs

Whom or what was Prince named after?
a. Prince Albert tobacco
b. Prince Philip of England
c. Antoine de St. Exupery's The Little Prince
d. Prince Rogers Trio *

What was the name of the would-be music impresario credited with discovering Prince?
a. Chris Moon *
b. Alan Leeds
c. Richard Martin
d. Ahmet Ertegun

On the drawing boards, the album that became the two-record Sign 'O' the Times started out as a three-record set called what?
a. The Dawn
b. Crystal Ball *
c. PerFunktory
d. The Red Room

Under what alter ego moniker did Prince record a number of 1986 tracks, featuring tweaked-up, high-pitched vocals?
a. Alexa di Paris
b. Sonny
c. Camille *
d. Mr. Black

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