Savage Love

How the hell can I experience my fantasy when it is physically impossible? And how do you explain to a guy that you want him to be the size of a Ken doll so that you can have your way with him?

Big Girls Don't Cry

"I'd say she had something more than a bland childhood," said Mitchell. "Sometimes fetishes are a way for people to balance out certain aspects of their lives. I can't think of the number of powerful politicians I know that are submissive during sex. A guy I knew was a sex worker and was flown down to Washington, D.C., to humiliate a Republican staffer who wanted to be called a dirty Republican. (I knew they felt guilty about it!) So as a young person perhaps she felt small and powerless, because as an adult she finds excitement in being in control and having power."

But how can you realize your fantasy? You can't, BGDC, except in fantasy role-play scenarios. You will never hold a 12-inch-tall man in your hands, but you can hold a Ken doll while engaging in dirty talk with a man who shares your giantess fetish.

And look on the bright side: "In a way she's the luckiest girl in the world," said Mitchell, "because she has a specialized fetish that appeals to a number of guys." Which means you'll be able to take your pick of the giantess fetishists. "And if that magazine is defunct, then start another one!"

Speaking of dirty Republicans: Lots of folks wrote in about Representative Mark Foley. You can read my thoughts at Now go see John Cameron Mitchell's brilliant new film, Shortbus ( And, hey, buy the new Scissor Sisters CD, Ta-Dah, on your way to the movie theater—it's fucking brilliant, too.

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