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Peeing Is So Sexy

"The odds of badness are small," says Dr. Barak Gaster, internist at the University of Washington and Savage Love's go-to guy on medical matters. "But the risk of messing with his sex hormones is still there because tamoxifen has mixed estrogen-like effects. He can be reassured, though, since he's going to be getting such tiny amounts. Only about 10 percent of the drug will come out in her urine, and 'several mouthfuls' a day will only be a tiny fraction of her daily output. He should know, however, that tamoxifen in men can sometimes cause reduced sex drive, extremely painful erections, and vision problems."

So keep drinking, PISS, but if you find yourself hard and not horny and unable to see your dick clearly, then you're going to need to lay off the wife's piss.

I wanted to give you a head's up. Senator Rick Santorum—the frothy mix from Pennsylvania—is down double digits in the polls! Lots can happen between now and Election Day, of course, but I was wondering: If Frothy becomes unemployed, any plans to celebrate? You deserve a pat on the back for exposing him to the ridicule he deserves.

Flush That Frothy Mix

To say that I'm proud of what we've done to Rick Santorum—my readers and I—is putting it mildly. I don't like to brag, so I'll quote Wonkette on our efforts: "No one has done more to ruin Senator Rick Santorum's good name than sex columnist Dan Savage...with the possible exception of Senator Rick Santorum."

And a note to my readers in Pennsylvania: I'm doing a benefit for Philadelphians Against Santorum on Tuesday, October 10, at the Trocadero Theatre. For more info on the event—"Savage Love Live"—go to And remember, Pennsylvania voters: We can't wipe Santorum off the U.S. Senate floor if you folks don't get out there and vote for Bob "Lesser of Two Weasels" Casey on November 7! The whole country is counting on you!

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