Same Old Song and Dance

People are still accusing Mary Kiffmeyer of election high jinks. But this time, they're after her job.

Ritchie, for one, is not assuaged. "It's complete and utter nonsense," he says. "It's like somebody saying, 'Mary Kiffmeyer's been stealing money,' and she answers, 'Absolutely not, I get my hair done every Tuesday.' It makes no sense."

(Last Friday, the secretary of state's website was updated to reflect the change in law related to agent delivery of ballots.)

Despite all the controversy, Minnesotans may still have Madam Secretary to kick around. With all three opposition candidates running stridently anti-Kiffmeyer campaigns, there is a strong possibility that they will simply divvy up the voters who want the incumbent ousted. Ritchie points out that in 2002, DFLer Buck Humphrey lost to Kiffmeyer by roughly 67,000 votes—almost exactly the tally collected by Green Party candidate Andrew Koebrick.

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