Courting Trouble

Judicial candidates in Minnesota can now be endorsed by a political party. The money hasn't flowed yet, but some races have already been politicized.

For her part, Ostby believes she's being targeted because she's not widely known by the public. "I think number one, I didn't have the name recognition of a career politician," she says. "For somebody who is politically astute, obviously they want a competitor who isn't well-known politically and doesn't have those ties and connections."

But Ostby seems to be faring pretty well for a non-politician. She's glad-handed potential voters at six parades and thrown out the ceremonial "last pitch" at a St. Paul Saints game. For the final weeks of the primary campaign, she's cut her work schedule down to one day per week in order to knock on constituent doors during the daytime hours. Her website even features a photograph of the judge with two Yorkie-poo dogs. Which undoubtedly means that, despite her protestations to the contrary, Ostby now officially qualifies as a politician.

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