My Band Is More Oppressed Than Your Band

Alienation equals authenticity in Sound Unseen's rock docs

But the self-destruction defines their lives more than the music does. When they open their mouths, it's usually to belch, not to make grand political statements. For all their mention of China's conservative ways and the fact that most people don't understand them, Joyside never lash out at their homeland. Whether due to a longstanding cultural tradition of respect or sheer apathy, the band does nothing to promote change. Their greatest demand is "I Want Beer," and given that they spend more time brandishing bottles than their instruments, it would appear that they get what they want. Throughout Wasted Orient, the musicians describe rock 'n' roll as "useless," "boring," "unnecessary." They've given up before they've even had a chance to show the world how bad they've had it. What's punk about that?

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