The Birdman of Minneapolis

Talk about crackers, say hello. Just don't mention avian flu.

Polly wanna laugh? Get Morgan to tell the story about the obnoxious grandmother who came in and started goading a bored parrot.

"She was a nice woman, and she had her granddaughter with her," grins Morgan. "She came up to this bird in the front and said, 'Hello.' He said, 'Hello' right back. He usually doesn't talk to people; in fact, rarely will he talk to a stranger. He was probably only talking because there was a little kid there, and felt more comfortable.

"So she said, 'Janey, come over here! This bird's saying, 'hello.' Now I'm feeding the birds and doing my thing, and I'm hearing the bird say, 'hello, hello' and she's, 'Janey, Janey, listen, listen,' and I know what's going on here and I'm moving from the back as fast as I can to make sure everything's all right.

"And I'm running up there and, 'Janey, Janey, come here,' and just before I get there the bird goes, 'Asshole! Asshole!'

"I had the water in my hand, and by the time I got to there, she was already gone. Dragged that kid right out the door."


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