No More Teachers' Dirty Looks

Children pressured to learn classic rock songs; writer leaves town in protest

Decembers Architects play their CD-release show with Birthmark, Les Ourses, Fiery Fire, and Everybell & Whistle on Sunday, August 13 at the Hexagon Bar; 612.722.3454


It's strange to think now that I ended up in Minneapolis thanks to general laziness. I was 17 and visiting the Twin Cities for my great-great-grandmother's 100th birthday, when my mom suggested that we check out the U of M campus. We took a tour, and I said, "Yeah, okay." The decision had little to do with the actual school; Minneapolis had lots of concerts and was just the right distance from my hometown. It was the only campus tour I bothered to take (and I only bothered because it was convenient).

Courtesy of the Paul Green School of Rock Music

I had no idea what a good hand I'd been dealt, and I didn't expect such great bits of music history to fall into my lap: the last night at the Foxfire, the first night at the Triple Rock, the Pixies reunion. Dear God, what if I'd moved to Milwaukee? Shudder to think. Minneapolis has been very good to me over the years and I have a lot of people to thank for that.

But as a young Midwestern music critic, I've decided it's time to make my pilgrimage to New York. It's kind of like the Amish tradition of rumspringa, although I probably won't start dealing meth while I'm gone. I think I'll come back someday, and in the meantime, I'm bringing back to life. Now that I said that I guess I have to do it, huh?

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