Testify, Johnny, Testify!

A car-trunk kidnapping? Four new bullets to the body? Minneapolis's favorite one-legged snitch must be up to his old tricks.

Dalton was "hog tied," according to the search warrant, placed in the trunk of the Buick, and covered with a plastic sheet. He was then driven to the Hennepin Avenue apartment complex. But Dalton's assailants now faced a troubling predicament: The apartment was located directly across the street from the First Precinct police station.

Deaunteze Bobo and Slaughter eventually escorted their captive to the entrance of the building. Dalton began pushing numbers on the code pad in hopes of getting someone to open the door. Inside the apartment complex was a security guard. When he stood up to see what was happening, Bobo and Slaughter got spooked. In the ensuing confusion, Dalton was able to break free. He ran across the street and into the lobby of the suddenly appealing First Precinct police station.

According to the search warrant, Dalton informed the cops that he'd been robbed of $1,000 and that Edwards had threatened to kill him. He also claimed that Edwards and his stepsons had been on a robbery spree in recent months, targeting drug dealers because they generally have a lot of cash and aren't likely to complain to the police.

Rather than pay for Glamour Shots, Johnny Edwards makes a point of regularly visiting the police photographers at central booking.
Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
Rather than pay for Glamour Shots, Johnny Edwards makes a point of regularly visiting the police photographers at central booking.

On June 14, all four assailants were charged with a single count of kidnapping. Roughly a month later, Edwards pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of third degree assault. He is expected to receive a 36-month prison term when he's sentenced on August 31. The other three cases are still pending.

The Dalton kidnapping, however, was only the beginning of Edwards's troubles in the month of May. Six days later, Jerry Jiles was shot outside of Johnny A's 200 Club at approximately 12:20 a.m. According to a search warrant filed in Hennepin County District Court, Edwards is believed to have been the shooter. However, he has not been charged with any crime related to the Jiles shooting.

According to Lt. Gregory Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police Department, the case is still under investigation. "Being a suspect doesn't necessarily mean that you can be charged," he notes. "Obviously the investigators don't feel they have a strong enough case at this point."

Two days after the Jiles incident, Edwards himself was shot four times in front of a house on James Avenue North. Nobody has been arrested in connection with that shooting.

Edwards could not be located for comment for this story. His attorney, public defender Nancy Laskaris, was out of town last week. One thing is known about Edwards's whereabouts, though: He is not presently incarcerated. The city's most famous snitch still roams the streets.

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