You Could Do with a Little Less Flesh

Zombies tear into capitalist culture: Living is for losers

"I think Night of the Living Dead is such a powerfully metaphorical film," he says, "with this nihilistic vision about what people are like under stress and what happens to us. Everyone turns against everyone else, and whether they're right or wrong doesn't even matter. People just can't get it together, and it's a big chaotic disaster.

"There's always been doom and gloom about the environment, but with the climate change and all this stuff, the more you know about it, it really does feel like, 'Wow. It's just a matter of time, man.' I'm sorry, but it's not going to get solved. The capitalist system is going to eat us alive. Hopefully, in a cynical way [for me], it will just boost people's interest in Halloween and horror effects. As the world goes slowly down the toilet, I'll be able to make a career out of artwork that I love."

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