Still Contrary After All These Years

Local ad guru Bill Hillsman speaks about his current slate of underdog political candidates

CP: Of those two incredibly surprising and successful campaigns—the first one with Wellstone and then Ventura—which one really put you on map?

Hillsman: I don't know. People have almost forgotten we did the original Wellstone campaign. I can't tell you how many people on blogs say, "The people doing the Lamont campaign are ripping off the Wellstone campaign." So I don't know. In politics it is, "What have you done for me lately?" I would say the work we did for [Ralph] Nader [in 2000] gets talked about more, because those commercials were national and it was a more recent election. We became an issue in the Lamont debate; Lieberman referenced my name and said we had worked against Democrats and I think he must be referring to the Nader campaign.

CP: Do you have a set political philosophy?

Hillsman: Yeah, I want to help people, and it seems to be harder and harder to do that. People without money are calling us all the time and want help, and we don't go chasing after fool's errands, but if we find out they are legitimate we will help them. Like with Kinky; a Democrat isn't going to get elected there in Texas for 15 years.

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