Twelve Uneasy Pieces

The Wolves' massive overhaul begins with top pick Randy Foye

It's time to shoot the moon. In order to capitalize on KG's remaining years as a premier NBA talent—and that clock is certainly ticking down—the Wolves will have to take risks and get lucky. That means rolling the dice on an enormously talented, recently dinged problem child like Portland's Darius Miles, who'd fit perfectly into Casey's up-tempo scheme and is rumored to be available for Jaric and one other player. Miles, like McCants, has demonstrated a streak of selfishness and immaturity to go with a beguiling set of skills. But the incompetence of the Wolves' front office has pushed them past the luxury of automatically passing on such risky characters. This year the fans (and at least one hoops columnist) won't be gulled into assuming anything more.

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