Savage Love

Even if you succeed in making her see how unreasonable she's being, DWWFBS, that won't make her fantasy go away. She digs messing around with other people, and she really digs doing it in front of her husband. Perhaps there's a compromise you can live with? Instead of two strangers, how about a three-way with you and another guy? And instead of a stranger, how about a friend? But if sharing your wife with another man is absolutely, positively something that you're unwilling to do, then tell her she's shit out of luck.

I am a Pennsylvania voter and I, too, am appalled at what Senator Rick Santorum represents in the U.S. Senate. However, before jumping on the Bob Casey bandwagon, please note that Mr. Casey is also antichoice. The conscientious Pennsylvania voter is thus faced with a profound lack of alternatives.

On balance, Casey is better than Santorum, but he is far from a desirable candidate.

Queasy Undecided In Pennsylvania

Yes, yes: Bob Casey is opposed to abortion. But by electing Casey we would take out Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum, a much more rabidly antichoice senator. Frothy Mix doesn't think you should be able to choose masturbation, for crying out loud. Moreover, electing Casey could help Democrats take back the Senate, which will go a long way toward protecting choice, abortion rights, and other sexual freedoms—despite Casey's stance on choice. So casting a vote for Casey, or sending a contribution to Casey, is a pragmatic, progressive, pro-choice bankshot. Electing one or two pro-life Dems is the price we're going to have to pay to put reliably pro-choice Dems in positions of power all over the Senate.

And speaking of the ITMFA funds, people wrote in with tons of great suggestions for where the next ITMFA check should go, from Russ Feingold to Kinky Friedman to Jon Tester to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. But I'm going to go with Planned Parenthood. Not only is Planned Parenthood a kick-ass group, but giving a chunk of dough to the pro-choicers at Planned Parenthood neatly balances out, karma-wise, the donation I've already made to Casey.

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