Savage Love

I mentioned it to him once a few months ago at a bad time and he became defensive. Is it wrong for me to ask him to get circumcised?

Cut It Please

So you asked your boyfriend to cut off a chunk of his cock and he reacted defensively. No shit? Really? But, hey, you brought the subject up at a "bad time," so maybe that was the problem...or maybe there's just no good time to tell someone that his genitals disgust you and that you want him to have an important, nerve-packed chunk sliced off.

Sorry, CIP, but just as it would be wrong for a man to ask his big-clitted or big-lipped girlfriend to have her genitals mutilated for his comfort, it's wrong for you to ask your boyfriend to do the same.

ITMFA NEWS: Last week, as promised, the first ITMFA checks went out: $4,000 to the ACLU, $2,000 to Bob Casey (the Dem running against Rick "Fecal Matter" Santorum in Pennsylvania), and $2,000 to Ned Lamont (the real Dem challenging faux-Dem Joe "There Is No Morality Without Religion" Lieberman in Connecticut). But since George W. Bush continues to do stupid/illegal/immoral crap, orders for "impeach the motherfucker already" buttons and lapel pins keep pouring in at And since more orders means more money, I'm looking around for some other worthy recipients.

Readers have suggested these worthy organizations: NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood,, and Union of Concerned Scientists. And since both Casey and Lamont are East Coast candidates, other readers felt it might be nice to show some love to West Coast candidates like Jon Tester, a Dem running for the U.S. Senate in Montana, or Darcy Burner, a Dem running for the U.S. House in Washington State. I've got a few thousand dollars worth of ITMFA cash burning a hole in my checking account, folks—where would you like me to send the money?

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