Congressional Idol

At least 14 local pols vie to be the next Martin Olav Sabo

Despite the smorgasbord of candidates, political consultant Gross remains unimpressed with the field, calling it a "very unimaginative group." He speculates that there could still be a dark-horse candidate to emerge, someone with the means to raise impressive amounts of cash or self-fund a campaign. "The prize is big," he says. "I believe there could be somebody that we're not even thinking of."

The seat's not even cold yet: 28-year D.C. vet Sabo
Courtesy of Martin Olav Sabo
The seat's not even cold yet: 28-year D.C. vet Sabo

Last weekend the party began selecting delegates for the May convention. Ultimately, 200-plus party activists will be chosen to decide who (if anyone) will carry the party's banner into the fall. "The social calendar of these delegates is going to be as crowded as any other group of 211 people in the state of Minnesota," notes Carleton College political science professor Steven Schier. "They signed up thinking they were going to nap their way through the convention. Now they've got to go to work."

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