In Da Club: Spring Sleaze Fest at the Triple Rock

Local purveyors of sleaze get down and dirty with pelvic thrusts, spandex, and Barbie

A short list of things that are sleazy, according to Friday night's Spring Sleaze Fest at the Triple Rock: outfits made entirely of synthetic fabrics, the '80s, squatting in high heels, David Lee Roth, spankings, the '70s, come-hither Tootsie Pops held at crotch level, and Flying V guitars. Celebrating all this grody sexiness were aerial acrobats J-Jo and the Rockits, Sabbath-inspired grunge rockers Spittin' Cobras, and a brand-new Bleeding Hickeys follow-up (who still play BH songs), the Lie Ons. But it was Hondo (pictured) who stole the trophy for Most Nasty. The electro glam-metal trio screamed about their quest for teenage sex while the screen behind them showed a topless Barbie with a blow-up-doll mouth going down on a bottle of Premium. When the lead singer dropped his pants and continued gyrating in tiny black briefs, the crowd squealed and/or recoiled appropriately. And yet, the music was only as good as the Japanese guitars the band warned the audience never to buy.

Lindsey Thomas

"No one knows what it's like to be Hondo, having to play nothing but Hondo guitars," the singer lamented after another technical difficulty felled the set. Still, the band drove the theme of the evening home. By the end, I felt like I needed a shower.

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