Donor Fatigue

Is Norm Coleman truly tired of Washington lobbyists?

"You would need to ask Ms. Daley for the answer to this question," says Coleman spokesman Steward.

Patricia Daley was unavailable to comment. A spokesperson at her office reports that she gave birth last week.

David Schultz is skeptical of Coleman's claims that transparency can restore the shine to Congress' tarnished image. "I think he's a hypocrite on a lot of government ethics issues," Schultz says. "Disclosure is not enough. Disclosure does not solve the conflict of interest. Disclosure does not absolve one of being bought or being corrupted by the money. All it does is say: 'Yeah, I took the money!'"

Meanwhile, in Coleman's recent web posting on government ethics, he stands up for the well-paid workers on K Street. "While I am troubled by the increasing number of lobbyists in Washington, I am not one who is going to suggest that all lobbyists are evil or unethical," he writes. "As with any profession, there are a small number of individuals who abuse the system."

In Coleman's reckoning, it would seem that the system itself is working.

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