Contact High

He's collaborated with Lil Jon. He's opened for Young Jeezy. He's worked at the same record store for eight years. For North Side rapper Contac, hip-hop dreams are just around the corner.


AT THE YOUNG JEEZY show, the headliner turns out to be hours late, and Contac goes out in front of a crowd disappointed to see anybody else. But the opener brings the raw energy he's known for, pacing around Sandman like a lion, sparking cheers from the audience for the duo's melodic blur of lyrics on "Set It Off." At one point, Contac throws money at the crowd--ones, fives, and twenties--and one woman jumps over the security barrier.

Daniel Corrigan

"It was a big show for me," he says afterward. "When it comes to local talent, the crowd off the top is ready to boo, or ready to be like, 'Okay, you're garbage, get off stage.' So I want to let 'em know that I ain't garbage. I'm not heard from a lot. But I do got something for y'all."

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