The American Way of Torture

Local physician and author Steve Miles examines the forensic record of U.S. abuses in Iraqi prisons

One absolutely spectacular thing--there was this guy down in Guantánamo, and the FBI said, let us talk to him for a couple of days. Their technique is rapport-building. They talked to him, they got information out of him, and then the Army people came in with their characteristic thing: We think you FBI guys are wimps, and you don't really know how to squeeze these people. So they worked him over for a couple of days and they couldn't get any more out of him. They admitted as much right away. The FBI guys wired this back to headquarters, but also said it wasn't going to make any difference, because these people in the Army were committed to their strategy. I have to tell you that if anybody's got a white hat in all this--at least the Guantánamo operation--it's the FBI. That shocked me.

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