Park and Wreck

This election season, the dysfunctional Minneapolis Park Board is ripe for reform

PIP and the reform groups are so far apart, they only have one endorsement in common, Scott Vreeland in Ward Three. In addition to the Stone-Kummer contest, the at-large seats figure to be most competitive. Young and Merrill Anderson finished first and second in the September primary, followed by Tom Nordyke, who is endorsed by the reformers; incumbent Rochelle Berry-Graves (who is also allied with the reformers); Meg Forney; and Froehlich.

So every seat on the board is crucial for the reformers and the old guard. Which is why, after four years of ill will, there's more mudslinging over the park board than at any other time in recent memory.

Annie Young, for one, is already counting the votes of possible newcomers. "I'd like to get six, because it takes six votes on issues of selling land, and it would be nice on discussions over a superintendent," says Young, the reform-oriented incumbent. "But after all this time and struggle, I'd be happy with five."

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