Out with the Old

They might not be giants, but the 2005-'06 Timberwolves will be better than you think: An opening night FAQ

Marko Jaric just turned 27. Trenton Hassell is 26, Griffin 23, McCants 21. Last year was a disaster. It's time to rebuild.


So why should we care about this team?

David Kern


Because when it comes to a synergy of character and talent, Kevin Garnett is the greatest athlete in the history of professional sports in Minnesota, and he is on display, in his prime, every time the team steps on the court. Because the new coach, the hot-shot rookie, and the large point guard are all worth a look. Because Wally Szczerbiak will be a constant threat to erupt for 30, even as he yields 25. Because Mark Madsen and Anthony Carter have one gear and when the time is right, it is enough to churn the Wolves' opponents into butter. And because even if this team is serious about rebuilding, they will win more often than they lose, and contend for the playoffs.

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