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Fine fare: Tim McKee previews La Belle Vie's remastered menu
Richard Fleischman
Fine fare: Tim McKee previews La Belle Vie's remastered menu

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Azia Restaurant

2550 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Category: Restaurant > Asian Fusion

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street

This is a private, inspirational, and yet somewhat nagging message to the young chefs in the house: Never break down your stations too early, and fear not the lousy closing shifts. Why? Consider the case of Auriga a few weeks ago. It was a sleepy Sunday night, 10 minutes before kitchen close, when a four-top blundered in, straight from the airport and a missed connecting flight. The kitchen crew had already begun cleaning up for the night when an enormous order came in. A quick peek at the dining room revealed none other than Wiley Dufresne, chef of hotter-than-hot New York restaurant WD-50. Word has it all the cooks sautéed their little hearts out, and Dufresne later visited the kitchen to extend compliments and an invitation to take care of them when they were next in Manhattan. Crazy, right? Remember, kids, blessed are those who get stuck cleaning out the grease traps, for they shall inherit the earth!

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