Savage Love

Many of these men are deeply ashamed of this part of their sexuality and they sneak around fucking she-males. But if people knew that she-males only have sex with straight-lifestyle men, not gay men, that would take the shame away. Hopefully one day we will reach a point where straight-lifestyle men are not ashamed to be seen with a she-male or to acknowledge that they have sex with she-males. Please continue to help create a better understanding of she-males and their straight admirers!

Samara Riviera

When I read your letter from NOSA, the man who asked whether it was okay to dump, via e-mail, a woman with whom he had been having casual sex, I had to comment. A guy I had been having NSA sex with dropped out of sight without warning and stopped answering my phone calls. My messages started with "Hi, how's it going?" and progressed to "Are you okay?" Finally I called him at work (which I had never done before). He was curt. Then he sent me a polite e-mail saying that he'd met someone else and had decided that he didn't want to see anyone other than her.

If he had just been adult enough to call and tell me, I would have been cool about it. I would even have considered having sex with him again if his new relationship doesn't work out. But now? Forget it.

Fucking Someone Else

Thanks for sharing, Samara and FSE.

Apropos of Nothing III: I'm listening to the Dresden Dolls sing "Coin-Operated Boy" as I write these words. The Dolls are a terrific post-punk/goth/Brechtian rock duo. Everyone on earth needs to buy their CDs.

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