Itinerant storyteller, standup, musician, and actor Mary Mack stumbles into comedy and staves off insanity

Mack admits she's about as well-versed in the business of Hollywood and the fine art of acting itself as the lady with the pig organ in her chest. So far, Mack has only acted in a pair of independent films: a short about a mishap stemming from the careless use of an invisibility potion, and a longer movie, Back Soon, by local writer-director Matt Olson, in which Mack plays a luckless woman who finally snaps.

"That character is exactly how I feel all the time," Mack says. "This character's really passive-aggressive. And she actually kills somebody. Not like I'm going to kill anybody...but it's the way I am," she says.

Sean Smuda

When I tell Mack that she's far from aggressive, she thinks for a moment before innocently offering, "Oh, that's good." Like many performers, maybe Mack gets all that dark stuff out through performing. "I never really had anything before comedy to express those feelings except go running," she says, skipping a beat to set up another dry punch line. "And you can only run so far when you're not in shape."

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