The Family Jewels

Puckish duo Brother and Sister rock out for your inner child.

Campers caught Brother and Sister's set at the Roller Garden. DJ James Leonardo introduced them with a homemade mash-up that included the all-star remake of "Lady Marmalade," Beck's "Debra," and Junior Senior's "Shake Me Baby"--but just the bits that involved the words "brother" and "sister." When Michael and Katie finally entered the rink, he played a wireless guitar and skated circles around his drum kit-bound sis. The performance was sloppier than usual but, hey, the guy was on skates. In general, the duo isn't ashamed when their technical flaws are showing. "I don't think it's important for the style of music," says Michael. "You shouldn't go to our show to be impressed musically, like Whoa, look at that."

Jayme Halbritter

But that's exactly what people think when they see a smashed guitar reconstructed with vegan Rice Krispie treats and eaten onstage, or a guy playing an entire set while hanging upside down. In addition to planning another local music extravaganza for October, Brother and Sister are preparing the debut of Michael's guitar/helicopter hybrid. He says he'll have to unveil the contraption outdoors, since it runs on gasoline, and its rotor blades, which reach speeds of up to 500 miles per hour, "could kill someone." He's also been collecting broken drumsticks from fellow musicians for an upcoming art project. He's making a 13-by-10-foot portrait--of his sister.

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