Savage Love

And to answer your question: No, there aren't a lot of women out there who have foot fetishes. It's a guy thing.


In response to Lustful Little Brother, you said, "No one I know who's had a three-way with a sibling looks back on the incident with fondness. No brotherly tag-teaming, 'kay?" I just had to respond. In high school I dated a guy while I was "secretly" sleeping with his twin brother. One night while brother #1 and I were having sex in his room, brother #2 came in and joined us. I guess they didn't keep secrets! The three of us had about eight months of blissful two- and three-ways before I went off to college. That was 18 years ago, and I haven't talked to them in about 15 years, but the last time we saw each other, it didn't seem to me that they had any regrets.

Been There, Done Them


There isn't room in this space for me to rehearse every possible exception to every generally accepted rule of liberated sexual conduct, BTDT. Tag-teaming brothers are always and everywhere a bad idea--except when we're talking attractive male twins, of course. On top of sharing their DNA, many twins share an intense emotional and physical connection. Some twins find they can share everything--even a high school tramp--without experiencing an emotional meltdown or a sexual identity crisis. More power to them, BTDT, but they're an exception, even among twins.


A note of thanks: My friends used to read your column in high school to laugh at weirdos. But when two boys at our school came out, we knew a lot about being gay from reading you, so no one freaked. Three years later I caught my first serious boyfriend at college wearing my panties. Instead of freaking, I decided to be "GGG." If it weren't for you, Dan, we wouldn't still be together. So, like, thanks.

Loves A Pantie Dude

P.S. Enjoy the pic of my boyfriend in his panties! He likes to be spanked, too!


You're so, like, welcome, LAPD. Thanks for sharing.

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