Savage Love


Am I morally bound to be true to a girl I've been in a loving relationship with for three long years if I have a bisexual curiosity? I want to see what it's like to be with a man! She would be devastated, so I can't tell her. But I want to do this!

Gonna Blow It


You're morally bound not to be a total shit, GBI. If you can't bring yourself to tell her you want to smoke some pole, at least have the decency to break up with her. Once you've satisfied your curiosity, you can go running back to your girlfriend--if she'll have you back, that is.


I'm in my early 30s and straight, never attracted to men, never fantasized about having sex with a guy, never been turned on by looking at a guy--if I had been, I'd tell you. This is anonymous, why would I lie? But undressing in front of a man who clearly wants to see me undress turns me on. What gives? (I also get hard when a woman watches me undress.) I'm in a committed relationship with a woman but this exhibitionist streak won't go away. Any thoughts on where it comes from and what to do about it?

Men Ogle And Notice


Where it comes from? That's an easy one--so easy that you already nailed it. You're an exhibitionist, MOAN. You get off on being seen, being desired, and, in the case of gay men, inspiring desires you have no intention of indulging--which makes you a bit of a prick tease, too. What to do about it? Enjoy it, of course.

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